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online marketingWebsites are an interwoven sections consisting of links that connect to other pages. There are many categories of websites and depending on the needs and the uses of the site; it would need both a good design and hosting to give the best results and a good experience to the user. The hosting serves an important function of increasing the traffic to the site. Some factors affect the ranking of a website, search engine optimization mainly involves changing the ranking and ultimately the appearance of one’s website content among the search results in a search engine. One of the factors that affect them is the web host provider; they are responsible for increasing the availability of the internet sites but also other factors that include increasing the backlinks to the site.

Backlinks referrals to the site. Web hosting has a significant impact on the ranking on the website. One of the factors that would determine the availability of the site is the location speed; this is measured by the load time that the users experience. Negative remarks by the users about the load speed of the site could be detrimental to the performance pf the site. The main causes of low speed could be the host, if one is using a free web host, it would be a high time to check the speed of the web and if slower than you thought one should consider changing their web host to improve the experience pm the user. Both users and the search engines would like websites that are fast for use, it would be important to check the speed and takes corrective measures even if it means transferring the host. Optimization of the site is also dependent on the country in which is located, some of the sites are optimized to other locations. The physical location of the server does not affect the performance of the site.

However, it would be substantial for one to take the precautionary measures. If one has a website that is optimized to target a given country, they should ensure that the site is optimized to provide the desired output and the correct hosting. There are ways in which the search engine would rank sites considering the country in which they belong to thus the domain name of the country, matter when it comes to ranking by Google. There are also times in which the users of the website are not able to access the content of the website; this could be due to the errors by the web host, it would be critical to the site owner make sure that their sites uptime is increased.

online marketingDowntime of a website would mean that that the site is not properly managed. WebCrawler could not t be able to access the site for sometimes this could lead to a lower ranking of the site. Regular downtime of the site could have detrimental impacts on the availability of the website and its reliability ultimately. It would be important to check the reliability and the performance of one’s web host, switching from the free host could have a positive impact on the availability. High availability and uptime of the website would significantly increase the ranking of the site. Some of the web hosts create for their client’s domains and subdomains, if they clash, it could set back the performance of the site, it would be substantial for one to consider changing their domain name depending on the subdomain and Domain names.